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AIVL has always been at the forefront of imaging technology and has pioneered many new technologies in an effort to acquire the best imagery possible.  AIVL’s philosophy is to employ a system design approach from the ground up - not only is the imagery collected with high quality optics/sensors, in its least compressed format available, but the lab continually develops new techniques for display, processing, and interpretation of collected data.

The Lab has developed a number of imaging systems for the US Navy, private industry and other customers and continues to pursue the development of advanced imaging system design for the scientific and educational communities.

Below are some of the technologies and techniques being employed by the lab that are in the field or currently under development:

System Designs and Techniques Developments

  • Fiber Optic Telemetry System Designs
  • Optical designs
  • Advanced Camera and Optical System Design
  • Multi-spectral and Fluorescence Imaging
  • Lighting System Design
  • Pulse Illuminated Lighting Systems
  • In Situ Macro and Microscopic Imaging Systems
  • Stereoscopic, 3D Imaging Systems
  • Multi-spectral Imaging Systems
  • Pressure Housing and View-port Designs

Sensor development programs

  • HDTV and UHDTV Imaging Systems
  • Ultra-Miniature CMOS and CCD Imaging Systems
  • High frame rate and large spatial resolution imaging systems
  • Stereoscopic and Photogrammetric HD/UHDTV imaging systems
  • Ruggedized HD and UHDTV systems for extreme environments
  • Miniature HD systems for manned and unmanned aerial platforms
  • Microscopic and Macro Imaging Systems
  • Miniature 3D Stereoscopic Imaging Systems for Diver and AUV applications

Processing and Feature Extraction Technique development programs

  • Enhanced display and interpretation systems
  • Quantitative stereoscopic imaging, modeling and measurement
  • Optical mensuration techniques and applications
  • HDTV image acquisition and storage systems
  • HDTV processing system hierarchies and methodologies
  • Mosaicking systems
  • Large image data base and geo-referenced image accessing systems
  • Advanced meta-data systems for imaging systems
  • Still image processing and enhancement
  • HDTV and Imax conversion processes for science and theatrical applications

(Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory)

(Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory)