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DunkWorks Equipment

DunkWorks is a collaborative facility that integrates new technologies to support creation of prototype devices and testing of new designs prior to deployment in a marine environment. At DunkWorks, we support both conceptual development and physical construction by giving users of the facility an opportunity to engage in an iterative cycle of trying and failing-failing being a necessary component of risk-taking, innovation, and learning. In the process, users practice and acquire new, tangible skills to help advance their careers and the fields in which they work.

Artec 3D Handheld Laser Scanners

Creates highly accurate 3D models of objects with various textures sizes and geometries.

Fortus 3D FDM Printer

Creates fused-deposition models from a scanned original or CAD file using ASA or nylon-impregnated carbon fiber.

Formlabs 3D SLA Printer

Creates high-resolution objects out of UV-hardened resin.

Stratasys Objet350 Connex3

3D printer capable of seamlessly blending materials of different rigidity, transparency, or color.

Epilog Fusion M2

Dual-laser cutting and engraving system with a 40"X28" work area.


Mechanical Workstation

Includes resources for most mechanical needs, including measuring, tooling, and finishing.

Electronics Works Station

Electronics Workstation

Provides regulated power supply, soldering and de-soldering tools, EM discharging, and other equipment to complete electronics projects.

Computer Workstation


Two computer workstations equipped with the software to run all Dunkworks fabrication equipment as well as Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks CAD packages for modeling.

Automated Stripping Machine

Automated stripping and crimping stations

Improve cable assembly workflows with precision repeatable wire stripping and connector crimping automation.

Form Labs

Form 3L

Large format 3D printer that creates high-resolution objects with five times the build volume and two times the laser power of the Form 3.

Ultimaker 2+ Tabletop 3D Printer

Prints 3D models just about anywhere.

Bantam Tabletop PCB Milling Machine

Creates circuit boards and can mill aluminum and plastics to within 0.001 inch.


Cut 2D shapes from 12"x12" sheets of plastic or metal materials up to 1" thick

Markforged Metal


Metal 3D Printer and Sintering Machines capable of printing 17-4 Stainless steel, Tool Steel, Inconel 625, and Copper.

Markforged MarkTwo


Continuous Fiber Composite 3D Printer capable of printing nylon and fiber reinforced composite parts