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AVAST provides WHOI with resources & expertise to pursue a wide range of activities in ocean technology, science, education, and outreach. The below ideas reflect many activities AVAST has supported in its 18 months.

AVAST Interiors

Build stronger clusters of expertise at WHOI

WHOI's engineering & technical staff are among the best in the world. Part of being the best is staying abreast of new advances in technology and fabrication. AVAST helps WHOI pilot new clusters of experts in important technical areas.

AVAST Interiors

Develop a New Sensor or Instrument

AVAST helps WHOI develop new sensors and instruments. WHOI users get access to dedicated R&D space, electronic test and assembly equipment, advanced prototyping resources, test and calibration equipment, and technical expertise.

WHOI engineer Ben Weiss stands over a trough in WHOI's Quissett Research Facility, while MURAL Hackathon participants play different frequencies of sound underwater to test a new acoustic sensor. MIT-WHOI Joint Program student Kathryn Fung inspects the acoustic sensor to make sure it's working.

Use AVAST resources for a course

AVAST resources can be reserved for Joint Program courses that involve technology. Teaching lab space and technical equipment are available.


Use AVAST for higher-volume assembly

AVAST provides space and resources to scale up assembly or fabrication of research equipment.


Enhance your large, cross-cutting program

AVAST can help WHOI users connect the technical and science components of large, multi-group initiatives. AVAST's Innovation Hub provides a focal point for collision and collaboration.


Propose a technical training workshop or seminar series

A core part of AVAST's mission is to better connect experts to people who need that expertise. AVAST's social hub, conference room, and project spaces are used for new training programs, including hands-on teaching.


Ship to Shore telepresence

AVAST has telepresence equipment that can help WHOI connect with research at sea.


Pre-Cruise Testing

AVAST resources in the David Building are used to integrate, test, or troubleshoot equipment being prepared for upcoming cruises.


Outreach & Engagement

AVAST helps WHOI teach others about ocean projects and programs.