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DunkWorks Membership

DunkWorks is a Membership-Based Facility.  Access to DunkWorks is limited to registered users and is open to WHOI employees, as well as the external marine robotics and affiliated community on a membership-fee basis. Many forms of payment are accepted and will vary depending on the type of Membership.

All members must first review and sign the DunkWorks User Agreement.

WHOI Internal and US Government Employees

  • 3 month minimum 
  • 3 month:$260/month
  • 6 month: $200/month
  • 12 month: $200/month

Student Membership

  • Must be 18+ and currently enrolled in an institution of higher education
  • Memberships allowed in 1 month increments
  • Must provide proof of current enrollment. (PDF of your current unofficial transcript, enrollment verification letter)
  • $200/month

Group or Lab Membership

  • Groups are considered 3-10 individuals of the same lab or organization
  • Each person in the group will receive a 25% discount on monthly membership costs

External Membership

  • 3 month minimum 
  • $500/month

Additional Information

* All membership fees will have current WHOI overhead rates added on a monthly basis.

* Memberships are specific to the individual and are only valid for the person for whom the membership name describes. Memberships cannot be passed around to other individuals.

* Memberships can be put on hold for 1-3 months to accommodate time away due to at-sea deployments, extended leave, etc.

* Materials costs for some machines are extra and billed in addition to the monthly membership fee on a consumable basis. Material costs for the 3-D machines (all costs plus overhead):

  • Stratasys ASA: $4.00 per cubic Inch
  • Formlabs Resin: $0.18 per ml
  • Objet Resin: $0.16 per gram
  • Stratasys Carbon Fiber: $6.50 per cubic inch