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Northeast Geobiology Symposium 2022

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Öykü Mete is at the Northeastern Geobiology Symposium presenting her research looking at the marine distribution of barium (Poster Session #1). Poster info: Mete, Ö.Z., H.H. Kim, A.G. Dunlea, A.V. Subhas, and T.J. Horner (2022). Dissolved distribution of barium in seawater and its relationship to silicon.  

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Congratulations Dr. Middleton!

Jule Middleton Defense Cake

Congratulations to Dr. Jule Middleton, who today successfully defended their thesis entitled: Barium isotope cycling in the marine environment: Pathways of fractionation and implications for paleoceanographic applications. Amazing work! The thesis can be accessed here, via DSpace@MIT.

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Paper in press: Margins matter for the Arctic barium budget

GN01 Barium Isotope Data

What controls the distribution of dissolved barium in the Arctic? This is the question we tried to answer in a recent study led by Laura Whitmore. The study integrates measurements of dissolved and particulate barium and barium isotope compositions measured on samples collected during four GEOTRACES Arctic expeditions in 2015—GN01, GN02, GN03, and GN04 (HLY1502,…

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