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AT50-10 ‘CliOMZ’ wrapped!

AT50-10 cruise track

After 37 days at sea, AT50-10 ‘CliOMZ’ is complete, arriving in San Diego this morning. We sailed over 5,500 nautical miles, crossed the Equator twice, occupied 17 stations, and collected over 1,500 samples, which should keep us busy for a while! Below are a selection of photos from the expedition.          …

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AT50-10 ‘CliOMZ’ Underway!

Looking through a porthole at Golfito Bay

NIRVANA Lab members Peter Crockford, Ichiko Sugiyama, and Tristan Horner are in Golfito, Costa Rica, for the start of AT50-10 ‘CliOMZ,’ which sets sail on WHOI’s very own R/V Atlantis today. We will be studying connections between macro- (nitrate, phosphate) and micronutrients, such as iron, copper, iodine, and barium, in the low-oxygen waters of the…

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A Day at the Museum

NIRVANA Lab at Museum of Science, Boston

Jurek, Logan, Iulia, Peter, and Tristan were at the Museum of Science, Boston for: “An Encounter with Isotopes, ICP, Lasers, and Mass Spectrometry.” We learned about laser ablation, the Neoma MS/MS MC-ICP-MS, and recent developments in measuring the isotope composition of intact molecules. Thank you to ThermoFisher Scientific for the day out!

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Writing Retreat 2022

Lab Writing Retreat Group Photo

Seven members of the NIRVANA Labs gathered at the Old Red Farm Inn in Little Harbor, Wareham, for a Writing Retreat—the first group retreat since 2019. Lots of exciting projects coming down the pipeline!

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Welcome back Jule!

Jule Middleton returns to Woods Hole after two months collecting samples in the Southern Ocean (Indian Sector) aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson (cruise TN376).

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