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Paper in press: Characterizing the controls on the cadmium isotope composition of marine sediments

Attaching the Nisken

I’m really pleased to report the publication of a study, led by Logan Tegler (MIT–WHOI Ph.D., 2023), in Geochimica et Cosmochimca Acta, titled “Refining the roles of productivity, redox, and remineralization on the cadmium isotope composition of marine sediments.” The study can be accessed for free until May 23rd, 2024, by clicking this link; after…

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Paper in press: Insights into iodine cycling in the Subtropics

Iulia on the deck of the R/V Kilo Moana

I’m delighted to announce the publication of a study, led by Iulia Streanga, examining iodine cycling in the subtropical North Pacific Ocean. Our study aimed to uncover the dynamics of iodine redox transformations in seawater, particularly the conversion between its oxidized and reduced inorganic forms, and shed light on the rates at which these transformations…

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Paper in press: Iodine incorporation into deep-sea corals

Scleractinian deep-sea coral

I’m excited to report publication of a new study led by Lorena Sun investigating the incorporation of iodine into deep-sea scleractinian and bamboo corals. The paper is published in a Special Issue of Frontiers in Marine Sciences titled The Marine Iodine Cycle, Past, Present and Future. Oxygen is vital for marine life, and understanding how…

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Paper in press: Barium in seawater ‘solved’

Barium in the Pacific Ocean

We’re pleased to announce publication of a study led by Öykü Mete (SSF, 2021), published in Earth Systems Science Data. In this study we constrain the distribution of barium in the global ocean using machine learning. We developed thousands of machine learning models that could predict barium concentrations in seawater using GEOTRACES results from in…

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Papers in press: Isotopic investigations of ion exchange in barite

Looking off the fantail

Two studies published by Jule Middleton documenting the rates, sensitivities, and barium-isotopic consequences of ion exchange in barite. The first paper investigated how fast and how much ion exchange affected the isotope composition of barium in barite–fluid systems. We did this by performing laboratory experiments under marine-relevant conditions. The main findings are that ion exchange…

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Paper in press: Tracking thallium on tidal timescales

Siders Pond

A new study published by Chad Ostrander in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta examining thallium cycling in Siders Pond, a salt-stratified, low-oxygen, sulfide-rich body of water right here in Falmouth! The thallium isotope composition of marine sediments is a valuable tool for studying historical oxygen dynamics on Earth. This proxy relies on the sensitivity of thallium…

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Paper in press: Margins matter for the Arctic barium budget

GN01 Barium Isotope Data

What controls the distribution of dissolved barium in the Arctic? This is the question we tried to answer in a recent study led by Laura Whitmore. The study integrates measurements of dissolved and particulate barium and barium isotope compositions measured on samples collected during four GEOTRACES Arctic expeditions in 2015—GN01, GN02, GN03, and GN04 (HLY1502,…

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Paper in press: Studying sinking in the subarctic Pacific

Study led my Muntsa Roca-Martí published in Elem. Sci. Anth. examining the composition, modification, and export of particulate bioelements (C, N, P, Si) at Ocean Station Papa. This comprehensive characterization of marine particles was conducted as part of the first EXPORTS field campaign in the northeast Pacific, and the paper is part of a special…

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Paper in press: A perspective on the progress of GEOTRACES

Review of recent developments in the study of trace elements and their isotopes in the ocean published today. This study rounds out a Virtual Special Issue of Chemical Geology entitled: Cycles of trace elements and isotopes in the ocean – GEOTRACES and beyond…, and is authored by the Guest Editors: Tim Conway, Tristan Horner, Yves Plancherel, and…

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