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Welcome Margot!

Margot Debyser

We are pleased to welcome Margot Debyser, Postdoctoral Investigator, to the NIRVANA Labs! Margot will be leading lab efforts to constrain the cycling of radium and barium isotopes along the US GEOTRACES GP17 transect with Matt Charette and Tristan Horner.

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Congratulations Dr. Middleton!

Jule Middleton Defense Cake

Congratulations to Dr. Jule Middleton, who today successfully defended their thesis entitled: Barium isotope cycling in the marine environment: Pathways of fractionation and implications for paleoceanographic applications. Amazing work! The thesis can be accessed here, via DSpace@MIT.

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Welcome Peter!

Peter Crockford

We’re pleased to welcome Peter Crockford, WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar, to the NIRVANA Labs! Peter will be researching modern and ancient biogeochemical cycles alongside Ann Dunlea, Tristan Horner, and Scott Wankel.

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Welcome Öykü!

We’re pleased to welcome Öykü Mete, 2021 Summer Student Fellow, to the NIRVANA Labs! Öykü will be identifying factors that influence marine barium distributions using data from GEOTRACES.

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Welcome Evan!

We’re pleased to welcome Evan Paris, 2020 Summer Student Fellow, to the NIRVANA Labs! Evan will be researching the role of seawater chemistry in shaping the composition of ferromanganese deposits, working closely with Tristan Horner and Ann Dunlea.

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Welcome Dani!

We’re pleased to welcome Danielle Santiago Ramos, WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar, to the NIRVANA Labs! Dani will be working with Sune Nielsen (G&G) and Frieder Klein (MC&G) on potassium isotope cycling in subduction zones.

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Congratulations Ann!

Ann Dunlea

Congratulations to Ann Dunlea, who today starts her new position as Assistant Scientist in the Department of Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

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