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Northeast Geobiology Symposium 2024

Several members of the NIRVANA Labs are in New Haven, Connecticut, for the 2024 edition of the Northeast Geobiology Symposium, which is being hosted by Yale University. Ichiko Sugiyama has a 09:15 oral presentation, while Margot Debyser and Iulia Streanga are both presenting in the first poster session:

Debyser, M.C.F., M.A. Charette, P. Henderson, and T.J. Horner (2024). A first look at the distribution of barium and radium-226 in the South Pacific (GP17-OCE, GEOTRACES).

Streanga, I.-M., T.J. Horner, and D.J. Repeta (2024). Towards the identification of dissolved organic iodine compounds in seawater.

Sugiyama, I., M.R. McIlvin, A.E. Santoro, T.J. Horner, and M.A. Saito (2024). Microbial metal demand in the Eastern Tropical Pacific assessed using iron and copper isotopes.