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Sample Types

If you are interested in analyzing a sample type not listed here please contact NOSAMS.

Sample TypeProcessFee Type
Organic Carbon
AerosolsOrganic CombustionContact staff
Black CarbonOrganic Combustion Contact staff
Bone CollagenOrganic CombustionOrganic Carbon
CharcoalOrganic CombustionOrganic Carbon
Compound-specificOrganic CombustionOrganic Carbon
Dissolved Organic Carbon DOCOrganic UV OxidationDOC Water
Plant/WoodOrganic CombustionOrganic Carbon
Sediment (total organic)Organic CombustionOrganic Carbon
Inorganic Carbon
CoralAcidification Carbonate Minerals
Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC)Water Strip/REDICSDIC Water
  - Groundwater DICWater Strip/REDICSDIC Water
  - Lake or Pond DICWater Strip/REDICSDIC Water
  - Pore Water DICWater Strip/REDICSDIC Water
  - Seawater DICWater Strip/REDICSDIC Water
ForaminiferaAcidificationCarbonate Minerals
MolluscAcidificationCarbonate Minerals
MortarAcidificationContact staff
Sediments (carbonates)AcidificationCarbonate Minerals
Pure CO2 GasGas SampleCO2 Gas
MethaneContact staff
GraphiteTarget PressGraphite
Contamination check/swipesSealed-tubeswipe
Reconnaissance carbonateAcidificationGIS (carbonate)
Ramped pyrolysis/oxidationContact staff
Single step graphiteContact staff
CO2 in gas mixturesContact staff
Consultative services
Compound-specific techniquesContact staff
Complex chemical separation and purificationContact staff
Contamination avoidanceContact staff

Note regarding small sample analysis: Under present procedures, samples less than 9 µmol and as small as 2 µmol are processed automatically using small-sample techniques. Largely because special standards are required, an additional fee applies to samples in this size range. We encourage you to contact Dr. Roberta Hansman to discuss your research goals prior to submission of samples in this category. See submission details in the table above for more size-specific information.

For more background information on small sample techniques at NOSAMS see Pearson et al, 1998. Microscale AMS 14C measurements at NOSAMS (pdf): (Proceedings of the 16th International Radiocarbon Conference, 1997), Radiocarbon, 40:61-75.