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NOSAMS has many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral associates and Summer Student Fellows through the Academic Programs office of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Since 2006, NOSAMS has awarded two NSF-supported internships annually to qualifying graduate students (see Graduate Student Internship).

In addition to the formal programs sponsored by the Academic Programs Office, investigators and students who want to use radiocarbon analysis as an important tool in their work can schedule visits to NOSAMS to use our facilities and to train with our scientific and technical staff. Often these collaborations lead to new methods and interesting new ways to use the radiocarbon isotope in carbon studies. In addition to routine sample preparation facilities, we also house extensive capabilities for Compound Specific Radiocarbon Analysis (CSRA).

To date, these facilities have been used to study radiocarbon in:

  • seawater DOC and DIC
  • pigments
  • black carbon
  • lipid extracts, diatom dating
  • petroleum persistence
  • sterols in sediments
  • alkenones from sediments
  • Thermal analysis of sediments, soils, and more
  • Age validations studies for fish, including sharks
  • Carbon cycle studies of Arctic permafrost
  • Sea-surface reservoir and bottom water ventilation ages
Fabian Batista was a Summer Student Fellow from Humboldt State University. (Tom Kleindienst)
Will Longo (Brown University) came to NOSAMS as a graduate student intern.
Dr. Ann McNichol gives a tour to winners of the regional Science Bowl (a high school science program hosted by the WHOI and the Woods Hole Sea grant).