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NOSAMS Related Publications

Through a combination of providing data to scientists and collaborative research, NOSAMS has enabled the publication of thousands of studies. The WHOI/MBL Library has created a searchable database of works using data produced at NOSAMS or authored by NOSAMS staff.


NOSAMS Research Database from the WHOI/MBL Library

NOSAMS Related Research is a database of researchers and their publications related to radiocarbon analyses made at the National Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Facility (NOSAMS) located at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

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  • Allow the scientific community to discover research that relies on radiocarbon analyses made at NOSAMS
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NOSAMS Related Research is a project maintained by NOSAMS administrators and the MBLWHOI Library. If you are a NOSAMS client and notice any inaccuracies with your contributed works, please get in touch. We welcome any information or suggestions to make it better.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us via email:

Lastest Results from NOSAMS Related Research Database


Li Xu, Mark Roberts, Katherine Elder, Mark D. Kurz, Ann McNichol, Christopher M. Reddy, Collin P. Ward, and Ulrich M. Hanke, Radiocarbon in Dissolved Organic Carbon by UV oxidation: procedures and blank characterization at NOSAMS, Submitted

A. Colin Seidel, Carr, C., Stojanowski, C. M., Buikstra, J. E., and Aguilera, M., ?Temporary Territories and Persistent Places: A Bioarchaeological Evaluation of the Association between Monumentality and Territoriality for Foraging Societies of the Prehistoric Ohio Valley?, Temporary Territories and Persistent Places: A Bioarchaeological Evaluation of the Association between Monumentality and Territoriality for Foraging Societies of the Prehistoric Ohio Valley. Arizona State University, Submitted.


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