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Second Recovery and AUVs in the Water

This morning the team recovered the Offshore Surface Mooring (OSSM). It took a little longer than the previous day’s recovery of the Central Surface Mooring (CNSM) because OSSM is anchored in 450 meters of water rather than 133 meters. After the mooring was recovered (buoy to MFN), it took the team about an hour to…

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Rosette Recovered

The team was on deck as the sun came up to prepare a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for a rescue mission. During an expedition earlier this summer aboard the R/V Neil Armstrong, a CTD rosette (pictured below) was lost. The Pioneer 17 cruise with its ROV onboard provided the perfect opportunity to recover the CTD.…

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Instruments Post 1

During the Pioneer 17 expedition, the team will deploy and recover three coastal surface moorings, deploy six and recover five coastal profiler moorings, and recover one glider.  The team will also be conducting missions with autonomous underwater vehicles, pictured above, to take oceanographic observations in the vicinity of the moorings. These observations serve to validate…

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