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We’re recruiting a lab tech to work with both our lab and the Alexander Lab at WHOI! If you have some experience with molecular techniques and you’re looking to gain hands-on experience in marine genomics, please consider applying! This is a somewhat unusual opportunity to work in two labs that answer questions about how species are adapted and distributed across the ocean from the micro (Alexander) to macro (Tepolt) levels. It’s a nice opportunity to get acquainted with a range of systems and molecular approaches, plus work with great people in two lab groups.

In the Tepolt lab, the technician will primarily be working on two projects. One is examining dispersal and rapid adaptation in invasive green crabs, using samples collected in part from an amazing citizen science volunteer monitoring program. The other will look at population genetics structure and connectivity in widespread mesopelagic fishes as part of the Ocean Twilight Zone project. Lab techniques include transcriptome sequencing and targeted genotyping; we also do some basic animal physiology work to tie fitness measurements directly with genetics.

In the Alexander lab, research is focused on the role that protists – especially phytoplankton – play in ocean ecosystems. You can find more details on Alexander lab job foci here.

Both labs are committed to being professional and supportive research environments, welcoming to all and dedicated to better understanding life in the sea.

If this sounds like you, please apply here.