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Isolating organic compounds from blubber

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Emma Teuten holding a side of blubber from a True's Beaked whale, which died along the VA coastline in November 2003. This picture was taken in the winter of 2004. (Tom Kleindinst)
Emma Teuten cutting the blubber from the True's Beaked whale into small strips and then into cubes in the winter 2004. (Tom Kleindinst )
Emma Teuten decanting recently-blended blubber of the True's Beaked whale. (Tom Kleindinst)
Emma working in the hood with the extracts of the True's Beaked whale.
Emma Teuten reacting the lipid extract from the True's Beaked whale with concentrated sulfuric acid. (Tom Kleindinst)
Emma Teuten using silica gel chromatography to isolate her compounds of interest in the blubber extracts. (Tom Kleindinst)
Emma Teuten standing in front of the preparative capillary gas chromatograph used to isolate pure compounds for radiocarbon analysis. (Tom Kleindinst)
Byron Pedler removing lipids from dolphin blubber extracts by gel permeation chromatography in the summer of 2005. (Tom Kleindinst)