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Lab members and colleagues

Li Xu, Bob Nelson, and Chris Reddy at George Wardlaw's going away party. (George Wardlaw)
G. Todd Ventura (post doc) who received his PhD at the U. of Illinois at Chicago. He is working on the analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography. (Bryce DeMello)
Chris Farwell who visited WHOI in September 2007. He is an undergraduate chemistry major at UC Santa Barbara working on the analysis of sediment samples near tar seeps. (Alison Olcott)
Catherine Carmichael (Trinity College), a guest student in the summer of 2007, shown washing glassware. She worked on the rates of microbial degradation of organic contaminants. (Bryce DeMello)
Heather Bischel, former summer student fellow and now graduate student at Stanford, working in the hood in the Fye Laboratory.
Helen White (MIT/WHOI joint program student) working in the hood.
Our nextdoor neighbor in the Fye Laboratory and frequent colleague Tim Eglinton and his dad, Geoff Eglinton.
Chris Reddy and George Wardlaw at Fenway Park (April 2005).
Brittany Thomas (Plymouth South High School) and Emily Peacock setting-up an oil degradation experiment (Winter 2004). (Helen White)
Tim Eglinton, Ana Lima, and Chris Reddy at the MIT/WHOI Joint Program commencement in September 2005.
Byron Pedler and John Farrington at the WHOI docks in the summer 2005. (Jayne Doucette)
Former post-doc Sam Arey relaxing outside of the hotel in Las Vegas during the 28th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography & Electrophoresis(May 2005).
Emma Teuten (post-doc), Sean Sylva (research associate II), and Emily Peacock(former research assistant II and now BUMP student) outside of the Fye Laboratory (April 2003). (George Wardlaw)
Desiree Plata working in the winter of 2005 on some photochemical experiments related to the Bouchard 120 oil spill. (Dan Webb of the Falmouth Enterprise)
Frequent colleague Phil Gschwend (MIT) relaxing with a cup of coffee aboard the R/V Cape Hatteras in the summer of 2004. (Bob Nelson)
Glenn Frysinger (US Coast Guard Academy) in the Fye Laboratory in December 2005. Glenn is a close colleague and on this occasion was visiting to help us repair our GCxGC. (Bob Nelson)
Kristin Smith, Chris Reddy, and Emma Teuten at Penobscot Bay on the R/V Oceanus in April 2004. (Bob Nelson)