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Welcome to the Marine Mammal Behavior Laboratory at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Our research interests include...

  • Social behavior and acoustic communication in cetaceans
  • Playback to cetaceans of their own and conspecific vocalizations
  • Responses of cetaceans to manmade noise
  • Vocal learning, and mimicry in the individually distinctive signature signals of bottlenose dolphin and the group distinctive click patterns of sperm whales
  • Acoustic structure and social functions of the songs of baleen whales
  • Functional studies of echolocation in free-ranging cetaceans

For more information, contact:

Alessandro Bocconcelli
Research Specialist
Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
(508) 289-2319

Right Whale fluke in the Bay of Fundy. (WHOI, NMFS Permit #981-1707, BOF05)
Photo-identification of a Sperm Whale in the Gulf of Mexico. (Thomas Bennett, NMFS Permit #981-1707, GOM02)

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