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Paper in press: Bringing barite formation into focus

Study led by Francisca Martínez-Ruiz published in Front. Earth Sci. showing similar patterns of barite precipitation throughout the mesopelagic ocean, suggesting a common (organo)mineralization driving process. This paper is part of a special issue entitled: The Oceanic Particle Flux and its Cycling Within the Deep Water Column.

Full citation: Martínez Ruíz, F. C., Paytan, A., González Muñoz, M. T., Jroundi, F., Abad, M. D. M., Lam, P. J., Horner, T. J., & Kastner, M. (2020). Barite precipitation on suspended organic matter in the mesopelagic zone. Frontiers in Earth Science8, 567714, doi:10.3389/feart.2020.567714.