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Paper in press: Studying sinking in the subarctic Pacific

Study led my Muntsa Roca-Martí published in Elem. Sci. Anth. examining the composition, modification, and export of particulate bioelements (C, N, P, Si) at Ocean Station Papa. This comprehensive characterization of marine particles was conducted as part of the first EXPORTS field campaign in the northeast Pacific, and the paper is part of a special collection reporting accomplishments from the NASA-supported program.

Full citation: Roca-Martí, M., Benitez-Nelson, C. R., Umhau, B. P.,  Wyatt, A. M., Clevenger, S. J., Pike, S., Horner, T. J., Estapa, M. L., Resplandy, L., Buesseler, K. O. (2021). Concentrations, ratios, and sinking fluxes of major bioelements at Ocean Station Papa. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene9(1), 00166, doi:10.1525/elementa.2020.00166.