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What is Informatics?

Informatics can be described as the science and technologies that transform data into information and knowledge. Informatics is more than computer science or information technology. It refers to the structures, behavior and interactions of systems that store, process, and communicate information. Examples of domain-specific informatics include: Bioinformatics, Geoinformatics, and Ocean informatics.

Current goals of WHOI's Ocean Informatics initiative

  1. Facilitate vision for large-scale data efforts at WHOI: “Let’s do something big with our big data”
  2. Help WHOI staff and students adopt informatics practices and technologies
  3. Become aware of broader community efforts and external opportunities that may lead to new funding
  4. Promote WHOI as a leader in expertise on Ocean Informatics

Ocean Informatics at WHOI

Phase 3 of Ocean Informatics at WHOI started in 2021. The working group is supported by WHOI's DDVPSE ( In 2024 the working group consists of Stace Beaulieu (coordinator of the group, in Biology Dept.), Joe Futrelle (IS), Danie Kinkade (Biology), Brett Longworth (MCG), Audrey Mickle (MBLWHOI Library), and Lisa Raymond (MBLWHOI Library). Please feel free to contact any member of the group with questions.

Phase 2 was active from 2013-2020 (see Events page for activities).

Phase 1 was active from 2009-2013 [link to report PDF (access restricted WHOI Google Drive)]