Prospective lab members

Prospective lab members

We frequently host students, postdocs and visitors in the lab. If you are interested in potentially joining the lab, here is some information:

Undergraduate students

We are interested in hosting students in the summer through organized programs, such as the Summer Student Fellows (SSF) Program, the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP), or the Semester at WHOI (SAW) Program. Please refer to these websites for more information, and feel free to indicate your interest in our lab. We will be on the lookout for students through these programs each year.

The lab does not generally host undergraduate students outside of a formal program, unless there are special circumstances, such as a fellowship provided by your home institution, or support through one of our grants.

Graduate students

Prospective graduate students should apply to the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Biological Oceanography. For the Fall of 2019, I would potentially be interested in advising a student who had an interest in copepod physiology (energetics, diapause, molecular physiology) or cnidarian/Nematostella physiology (circadian rhythms, oxidative stress/signaling, thermal tolerance). Competitive students will have grades of mostly A’s and B’s with a major in biology or a closely related area. I would look to see evidence of a rigorous science foundation with courses such as biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, calculus, organic chemistry, calculus-based physics, and/or computer science. We have a holistic admissions approach and do not heavily weight GRE scores; however, GRE scores of admitted students are typically above the 75th percentile. I strongly advise all eligible students to apply for fellowship programs.

Postdoctoral researchers

WHOI has an excellent and highly competitive Postdoctoral Scholar Program. Applications are due in September. Please contact me (atarrant(at)whoi(dot)edu) if you are interested in applying to this program and joining my lab.

High school students

We know that there are many very talented high school students! It takes time and energy to provide a quality educational and research experience for any student. To do the best job we can in this lab, we’ve decided to concentrate on students who have already entered college. Please keep us in mind in the future!