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Current Projects

Inner Shelf Lateral Exchange (ISLE)

A 3-year NSF-funded effort to examine the small scale O (100m to 10 km) spatial variability of the flow in the coastal ocean over the inner continental shelf south of Martha's Vineyard, MA.

The Role of Advective Heat Fluxes in Buffering Annual to Inter-annual Temperature Variability over U.S. Inner Shelves

This NSF-funded study, just underway, aims to understand the processes controlling water temperature variations over the inner shelf on annual and interannual timescales. Available temperature and velocity data sets will be used to examine how the heat balance can be maintained by a number of possible sources of cooling, including: across-shelf exchange due to depth-dependent upwelling, the along-shelf advection of an along- shelf temperature gradient, and the across-shelf exchange due to eddies. The results will be synthesized to determine the relative contributions of heat flux components and their associated processes for the different shelf regions of the continental U.S., how the dominant processes vary over the annual cycle, and their implications.  We are currently looking for a student to participant in this project.

HF Radar Data Processing and Products

This project seeks to develop and refine new methods to process HF radar backscatter towards the goal of lower error, higher resolution remote sensing of the surface currents of the coastal ocean.  Additionally, we are interested in developing new products from the core radar observations, such as surface wind and wave estimates.