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In Preparation

Sauvage, C., H. Seo, B. W. Barr, J. B. Edson, and C. A. Clayson: Misaligned wind-waves behind atmospheric cold fronts.

Barr, B. W. and S. S. Chen: Impacts of seastate-dependent sea spray heat fluxes on tropical cyclone structure and intensity in fully coupled atmosphere-wave-ocean model simulations.


Barr, B. W., S. S. Chen, and C. W. Fairall, 2023: Sea-state-dependent sea spray and air-sea heat fluxes in tropical cyclones: A new parameterization for fully coupled atmosphere-wave-ocean models. J. Atmos. Sci., 80, 933 – 960,


Anzalone, R., B. W. Barr, R. R. Upadhyay, and O. A. Ezekoye, 2017: Use of a quasi-steady ablation model for design sensitivity with uncertainty propagation. J. Thermal Sci. Eng. Appl., 9, 011004,


Barr, B. W. and O. A. Ezekoye, 2013: Thermo-mechanical modeling of firebrand breakage on a fractal tree. Proc. Comb. Inst., 34, 2649 – 2656,



Small-scale structures at the crest of a breaking wave.  Photo: Ray Collins