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Media Coverage

Here you find a selection of coverage of our work in the general media

MARE Penguin research project movie (German language)

A german tv channel (Pro7) made a great short movie in our project “Monitor the health of the Antarctic maRine ecosystems using the Emperor penguin as a sentinel” (MARE) we are conducting at Atka Bay, Antarctica Video on our Penguin work (German)

WHOI press release on Emperor Penguin foraging paper

California Academy of Sciences features our Penguin work

Check out the “Huddle Masters” Lens-of-Time Eposide at

EOS Article on our Penguin Windchill work

Emperor Penguins’ Huddles Change in Response to Weather doi: 10.1029/2018EO100699 Emperor Penguins’ Huddles Change in Response to Weather

WHOI Press release on King Penguin Paper

Penguins Go Through the Flow King penguin breeding colonies are structured like fluids

Nature News Post on Penguin Wave Work

Physics: Why penguins do the wave Nature volume505, page265 (16 January 2014) doi:10.1038/505265e

New Scientist features our penguin traffic work

Start-stop traffic helps penguin huddles grow by Alyssa Bothelo, 17  December 2013  

Scientific American features our Penguin Traffic Jam work,

Cocktail Party Physics By Jennifer Ouellette on December 16, 2013 Bring Me Your Huddled Penguins Who Move Like Cars in Heavy Traffic  

New York Times article on our penguin huddling dynamics work

Waves of Warmth In a Penguin Huddle By SINDYA N. BHANOO JUNE 3, 2011

Scientific American on penguin huddling work

Penguin Groups Use Physics to Avoid the Crush and Keep Warm  By Katherine Harmon, June 1st 2011