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Current Opportunities

Opportunities for prospective students and postdocs in our group

For prospective graduate students

I am always looking for bright and motivated graduate students to join my group.  Our work is very field based and by nature strongly collaborative, please see our ongoing research program under "Research". I am open to work on new topics which the students provide if they fall in my general area of expertise.

General Group Interests

  • Remote Observing Systems
  • Polar Ecology
  • Large-scale underwater listening networks
  • Penguin monitoring networks
  • Collective behavior in penguin colonies
  • Marine mammal localization and distribution estimation using passive acoustic monitoring;
  • Ocean Ambient Noise
  • Low-cost instrument development

Fellowships and Scholarships

WHOI runs the WHOI/MIT Joint Program Graduate School. Admission is very competitive, and a great academic record helps a lot. Applying for scholarships and recieving funding before starting graduate school is also helpful.

Please read up here and do not hesitate to contact me or the academics program coordinator.
Here are some websites with information on fellowships for graduate students:

NSF Predoctoral Fellowship

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowships list of fellowship opportunities

University of Colorado maintains a great list for graduate fellowships


For prospective postdocs

WHOI provides amazing postdoctoral scholarship opportunities. If you're interested in postdoc-ing in my group, first step, check out the WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar program or contact me.

Another option is a fellowship from another institution. WHOI strongly supports postdoctoral candidates who come with an external fellowship.