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Dr. Houshuo Jiang's primary research interest is the interface between small-scale fluid physics and the ecology and biology of marine plankton.

Marine planktonic organisms are mostly microscopic and slow-moving relative to the macroscopic world. Thus, within the fluid immediately surrounding a plankter, the low-Reynolds-number fluid dynamics together with small-scale diffusion governs the transport of mass and momentum, thereby shaping the energy, matter, and information flows to and from the plankter. The small-scale fluid physics interfaces with the morphology, behavior, perception, response, and interaction of marine plankton to produce a variety of fascinating phenomena, patterns, processes, and functions that are fundamentally important to marine life, population and ecosystem functioning, and evolution.

The research in this burgeoning field requires multidisciplinary approaches and the synergies between fluid physics, plankton ecology, and biological oceanography, seeking mechanistic understanding based on first principles.

Research Areas

Hydrodynamics and Ecology of Planktonic Copepods

Small-scale Fluid Physics and Ecology of Planktonic Ciliates

Small-scale Fluid Physics and Ecology of Planktonic Dinoflagellates

Hydrodynamics of Swimming, Feeding, and Signaling in Marine Invertebrate Larvae

Hydrodynamics and Lateral Line Sensory Ecology of Fish

Hydrodynamics of Jet Propulsion in Marine Animals

Other Research Areas

Hydrodynamics of Deep-sea Hydrothermal Plumes

Atmospheric Mesoscale Numerical Modeling over the Red Sea