Current Lab Members



David. J. Beaudoin
Research Associate III


Fatma Gomaa
Guest Investigator
Harvard University

Past Lab Members and Affiliates

 *Guest undergraduate and graduate students and high school helpers not listed

Postdoctoral Researchers

Jos Wit, PhD (2013-2014)

Anna McIntyre-Wressnig, PhD (2008-2012)

Matthew First, PhD (WHOI PD Scholar, 2008-2010)

Helena Filipsson, PhD (Fulbright Researcher; 2007)

Visiting Colleagues

Giuliana Panieri (sabbatical, Autumn 2017)

Susan T. Goldstein (sabbatical, Autumn 2009)

Technical Staff

Marti Jeglinski (2007-2106)

Virginia Edgcomb, PhD (Researcher, 2006-2010)

Marjorie Parmenter (part time, 2006-2007)

Susan Brown Leger (part time, 2006-2007)

Jessica Blanks (helped with move from USC, to late 2004)

Canine “Helpers”

Cooper McIntyre-Wressnig (Canine helper, 2008-2012)

Kepler McIntyre-Wressnig (Canine helper, 2009-2012)

Annie Brown Leger (2006-2007)