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Mallory Ringham

PhD, Chemical Oceanography

Current Postdoc, Stony Brook University

WHOI Guest Investigator


Contact Information:

Through March 2023:




Ph.D. Chemical Oceanography, 2022, MIT-WHOI Joint Program

M.S. Earth Sciences, 2015, Syracuse University

B.S. Physics & Chemical Engineering, 2013, Syracuse University

Research Interests

Tackling interdisciplinary problems in carbonate chemistry and carbon cycling through in-situ observational studies and sensor development

Ongoing projects include:

At Stony Brook:

From my WHOI thesis:

  • The development of CHANOS II, an autonomous dissolved inorganic carbon sensor for mobile and stationary platforms including CTDs, buoys, and AUVs/ROVs
  • Investigation of inorganic carbonate precipitation events triggered by flash flood and airborne dust deposition events, through both laboratory and instrumented in-situ experiments in the Red Sea
  • Exploration of spatial and temporal variability in carbonate chemistry across deep coral reefs on the West Florida Slope via ROV instrumentation, benthic landers, and CTD casts

Previous work:

Master's thesis: investigation of environmental variability in soil carbonate clumped isotope paleothermometery methods, and investigation of links between the timing of soil carbonate formation and recorded paleotemperatures.


Wurgaft, E., Wang, Z. A., Churchill, J. H., Dellapenna, T., Song, S., Du, J., Ringham, M.C., Rivlin, T., and Lazar, B., 2021. Particle triggered reactions as an important mechanism of alkalinity and inorganic carbon removal in river plumes. (GRL,doi: 10.1029/2021GL093178)

Ringham, M.C., Hoke, G.D., Huntington, K.W., and Aranibar, J.N., 2016. Influence of vegetation type and site-to-site variability on soil carbonate clumped isotope records, Andean piedmont of central Argentina (33-34⁰S). (EPSL ,v. 440,1-11. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2016.02.003)

Burgener, L., Huntington, K.W., Hoke, G.D., Schauer, A., Ringham, M.C., Latorre, C., and Díaz, F.P., 2016. Variations in soil carbonate formation and seasonal bias over >4 km of relief in the western Andes (30⁰S) revealed by clumped isotope thermometry. (EPSL. v. 441, 188-189. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2016.02.033)


• ASLO LOREX (Limnology and Oceanography Research Exchange) fellowship for research at the Interuniversity Institute in Eilat, Israel, 2020-2021
• WHOI Grassle Fellowships to support post-generals graduate student research in ocean biodiversity, 2019 & 2020
• Link Foundation Ocean Engineering & Instrumentation Honorable Mention, 2017
• Marjorie Hooker Award for Outstanding Thesis Proposal, Syracuse University, Earth Sciences Dept., 2015

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