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Equipment and Techniques Developed

• Induction motor servo for printer carriage drive, 6/75-2/76
• Video character display chips and μ-processor control for VT-100 video terminal, 6/76-6/78
• Custom graphics display chips for workstations and video terminals, 1/80-7/85
• Electric propulsion system for Alvin, 7/85-8/86
• Electrical distribution system for Alvin, 8/85-5/86
• High efficiency, 6 Watt power supply for tomography receiver, 6/86-9/86
Line frequency monitor and shutdown for Alvin battery chargers, 12/86-6/87
• Short and long baseline acoustic navigation system for Alvin, with digitally tuned filters, 8/86-1/90
• Transformer/inductor design optimization programs, 2/87-7/87
• 12 KVA power distribution and control system for the Argo/Jason tethered vehicles, 2/87-4/88
Data reduction programs for Alvin data disks, 1/88-3/88
Software to read Alvin serial data stream on PC, 3/88-5/88
Digitally tunable 100 kHz analog front-end for acoustic modem, 3/88-9/88
Alvin battery charging software, 7/89-9/89
• Overhaul of Alvin instrument panels and wiring, 12/88-8/89
• Electrical distribution system for Alvin with 120 Volt to 26 Volt DC/DC converters, 10/88-8/89
• 120 V to 28 V, 50 Amp power converter for Alvin hydraulic pump motor, 4/89-7/89
• UNIX/C programs for collection, logging and distribution of Alvin data, 11/88-9/89
• Digitally Programmable, 200 kHz acoustic receiver board, 4/89-10/89
200 W power amp for Alvin’s acoustic navigation transceiver, 2/89
Installation on Alvin of prototype pressure-tolerant motor controllers, 12/89
EIA-232 isolation modules, 11/89-8/90
Improvements to Alvin Data Collector, including: renovation of real-time clock hardware and firmware,
addition of event counters, and PC program to test camera data output, 2/90-9/90
• C software interfaces to Alvin data system for: Mesotech sonar, magnetometer, U.W. entrainment array, geocompass,
heatflow probe, and other instruments, 12/89-8/90
Alvin 286 computer and plasma display, 5/90-9/90
5 ch. heatflow probe with heater, finished hardware and firmware, simulated thermal response of heater,
• 2000 V, 20 kW DC power system architecture for TROV/FOSS I vehicles, 1/90-10/90
Power, control and status interfaces, and convection cooling for Alvin pressure-tolerant motor controllers,
Thermal analysis of TROV tether, 11/90
• 20 kW, 400 HZ power transmission system for TROV vehicle, including protective devices and voltage control,
Designed toroidal, oil cooled, pressure tolerant transformers for TROV power system, 12/90-7/91
Expanded transformer design software to include three-phase transformers and calculation of temperature
rise in a convection-cooled environment for rectangular and toroidal geometries, 4/91-7/91
• 400 Amp crowbar over-voltage protector for Jason/TROV/FOSS I, 6/91
• Ground-Fault-Interrupter for 1200 V, 35 KVA, 400 Hz system, 9/91-10/91
• Water-jet thruster manifold and valves for TROV, 10/91-2/92
Software to combine attitude and angular rate data using LP/HP filter, 11/91
• Six DOF computer model of TROV vehicle system, 10/91-4/92
Five axis PID control software for TROV vehicle, 1/92-4/92
• 12 kW, 60/400 Hz power transmission and distribution system for FOSS I vehicle, including custom transformers,
• Current-limited, short-circuit protected, 400 Volt, 3 Amp, solid-state power switch, 9/87-9/92
• Power, wiring and instrument interface design for FOSS I vehicle, 5/92-7/93
• Documentation system for FOSS I, including automated drawing and parts list compilation, 7/92-7/95
8 channel, current-limited, 0.5 Amp, 50 Volt, isolated signal switch, 10/92
Motor phase filter, 10 Amp, 3-phase, >70 db attenuation at 100 kHz, 5/93-6/93
LC type, 900 Volt, TI arc-lamp ignitor circuit, and lamp current monitor, 3/93-4/93
• 3 Watt, low noise, low impedance split-rail power supply system for arctic acoustics, 7/93
Relative Acoustic Tracking System accuracy analysis, for acoustic and inertial navigation errors, 10/93
• Heave compensating crane performance analysis and simulation, 11/93-4/94
Common to Ground voltage monitor and clamp, 100 V, 3 A, 1/94
PC software to operate FOSS video camera interface, 2/94
• Optical analysis of FOSS video camera dome port and first-order correction, 3/94
FOSS Klein 595 Side-scan sonar interference reduction, 4/94
Dynamic analysis of new TROV roll control system, 5/94
• REMUS AUV chassis wiring and system board design: power, analog and digital I/O for PC104 system and
various instruments, 9/94
Measurement and analysis of TOSS vehicle vertical drag coefficient, 11/94
Software to capture digital scope waveforms from IEEE-488 bus, 11/94
TROV bow thruster performance measurement and analysis, 11/94-1/95
Closed loop control software for TROV vehicle with new bow thrusters, 12/94
• Failure analysis of Klein 595 sonar transducers, spice modeling and actual measurement of arc induced transients,
Software for computer-assisted generation of purchase orders from parts lists, 4/95-9/95
• Design and construction of LEO-15 node and surface power and control systems, 5/95-8/96
Joystick amplifier for driving servo valve coils, current limited, 8/95
• Design of TOSS II vehicle power and instrument wiring and construction of vehicle electronics, 3/95-10/95
• Design of signal and power wiring for TOSS II Mission Control Van, 8/95-10/95
System integration of Klein 2000 side-scan sonar with TOSS II, including over 30 db internal interference
reduction, addition of notch filters for suppression of CTFM interference, 9/95-7/96
Intercom audible alert for TOSS system, 6/96
Determination of GPS antenna requirements for reliable surface reception by REMUS AUV, 8/96-10/96
• Conversion of FOSS I tow vehicle to TOSS I (TOSS II equivalent), wiring of new Control Van, 5/97-10/97
REMUS battery charging and data transfer through single contact and seawater return, 1/97-7/98
• Documentation and wiring of TOSS NAVCOM van, 2/98-4/98
Remote control system for TOSS hydrographic and deep-tow winches, 5/98-6/98
LEO Guest Port simulator for testing guest instruments, 5/98-3/00
• Experimental investigation of REMUS LA battery gassing and methods of hydrogen control, 5/98-8/98
Electrical integration of micro-turbulence shear probes and related instruments on REMUS, 8/98
• Development of electrical parts database and maintenance tools for use with Orcad Capture CIS, 1/99-
• SAHRV motherboard, chassis wiring and support equipment, 3/99-10/99
• Method to multiplex power and 10Base2 Ethernet on two wire connection, 3/99-7/99
Integration of Li-Ion smart batteries to REMUS SMBus, 4/00-10/01
• Li-Ion smart battery charge/discharge cycle tester and data logging and control software, 3/01-10/01
GPS receiver/antenna installation for REMUS, 1/01-3/01
• Li-Ion 250 Wh battery for REMUS, including controller board with data communication, protection and
charger, board test fixture, test and embedded battery software, 11/01-11/02
• 8 kWh Li-Ion battery system for SAMS: smart battery data system, 1.5 kW chargers with computer control
and software, 10/01-4/03
SAMS weight release controller board and software, 3/02-4/03
SAMS radio system and antennas: GPS, ARGOS, Freewave modem, 10/01-7/03
• 7 kWh Li-Ion battery system for Tunnel AUV with 450 Wh battery packs and controllers, 7/02-12/02
• GPS, Iridium and 2.5 GHz WIFI ceramic patch antennas for deep ocean application, tuned for polyurethane
encapsulation; passive, active, and L1/L2 GPS designs, 9/03-9/04
• Develop software for SMS messaging on Iridium, 10/03-7/04
• Guest instrument isolation switch, 20 A maximum, programmable current limit, signal isolation, 11/03-7/04.
• 5 kWh Li-Ion battery system for REMUS-600 and dock, using 500 Wh, 63 cell packs and REMUS control
electronics, 5/03-9/04
• 5.2 kWh Li-Ion battery system for SAMS II, 650 Wh, 84 cell pack design, control and protection electronics,
SAMS II battery chargers, upgrade to programmable voltage and current, 5/04-7/04
SAMS II weight release board: added software to relay GPS by Iridium SMS during power emergency, 7/04.
• Review of U.S. DOT Hazardous Material Regulations (49CFR171-178), International Air Transport Association
Dangerous Goods Regulations, and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code for
impact on Li-Ion battery transportation. 5/03-9/05
Performance evaluation of REMUS-100 batteries over extended temperature range, 5/06-6/06
LSG magnetic sensor integration in REMUS-600, test program support, 1/06-4/06
• Multi-channel towed acoustic array, per-channel digitizing electronics and network data telemetry, field reprogrammable,
• High-speed driver for high-intensity light emitting diode array, 20 MHz, 1 and 3 channels, 9/07-5/10
• Acoustic data analysis software for acoustic array data, 6/08-8/09
Submersible load cell for array drag measurement, 11/08-9/09
Study Low-power, long endurance REMUS AUV: main electronic, sensors and thruster, 11/08-9/09
3-Axis magnetic sensor for towed array, 6/09-9/10
• 72-channel towed acoustic line array with per-channel, 3-axis gravity and magnetic sensors, 6/09-9/10
Power control for REMUS-600 variable ballast system, 5/11-6/11
Controller/interface for chip-scale atomic clock, 6/11-7/13
• Matlab simulation of solar/wind power generation for Ocean Observatories Initiative buoys, 9/11-11/11
• Pseudo-sinusoidal drive motor controller, major redesign and firmware upgrade, closed-loop commutation
phase control, torque measurement from phase current, 12/11-8/13
Perl code automation of Magtrol dynamometer in constant velocity and torque modes, 1/12-6/12
• Vehicle core redesign for reduced power consumption and wiring complexity, 9/12-9/19
5 Amp charge capability for REMUS battery controller, 12/13-3/14
Migration of Orcad parts database to mySQL with Perl back-end for creation of new parts, 5/14-9/14
Redesigned REMUS battery interface to allow serial multi-drop operation, 12/16-7/17
Add new timing functions to REMUS Emergency Board, 3/18-5/18
• Method to filter Iridium geolocation fixes with very low probability of accepting a bad fix, 9/18-11/18
• Major revisions of REMUS Core Board, continued firmware development, 12/19-7/21
OpenNTP bug fixes and optimizatrion for use with NEDS arrays, 2/21