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Ruth C. Musgrave

Weston Howland Jr. Postdoctoral Scholar
Physical Oceanography

Mailing Address:

266 Woods Hole Rd. Clark (MS# 21),
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1050

Research Interests

I study the physics of the ocean. I frequently spend time at sea in pursuit of in situ observations, which are central to my work. To illustrate and explore specific physical processes I use numerical models and theory, with varying degrees of idealism.

I am interested in the energy pathways that connect large scale forcing to small scale dissipation. In particular, I study the physical processes that form these pathways, and their influence on regional and global scales.

To date, the central theme of my work has been the interaction of flows with topography. In particular I have focused on tidally driven mixing,  topographically trapped internal waves, quasi-geostrophic flow interactions with island, and shelf-break processes. 



Ph.D.: Oceanography. 2015. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, USA.

BSc. Hons: Atmospheric Science. 2008. Monash University, Australia.

BSc: Physics. 2005. Melbourne University, Australia.