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Das Lab Opportunties

Post-docs - Interested in glaciology and/or polar climate and have an idea you'd like to pursue at WHOI? Get in touch and consider applying for the WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar program.

Graduate students - No openings at the moment, please check back later!

Undergraduates - No openings the moment, please check back later!


Other WHOI Opportunities

WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar Program - Deadline annually (early Fall)

Eighteen-month Postdoctoral Scholar awards are offered annually to recipients of new or recent doctorates in the fields of chemistry, engineering, geology, geophysics, mathematics, meteorology, physics, and biology as well as oceanography.

MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography - Deadline Jan 5, 2019

The MIT-WHOI Joint Program provides a high quality doctoral education leading to an internationally-recognized Ph.D. degree awarded by both institutions. The Joint Program is organized within five sub-disciplinary areas, each administered by a Joint Committee consisting of MIT faculty and WHOI scientists: Applied Ocean Science and Engineering, Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology and Geophysics, and Physical Oceanography. Cutting across the Joint Committees are interdisciplinary themes including “climate and climate impacts” and “coastal processes”.

Semester at WHOI - Applications considered on a rolling basis

Semester at WHOI (SAW) is an undergraduate residential “study-away” opportunity at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA, on Cape Cod. The program features a for-credit, semester-long research experience directly advised by a WHOI scientist or engineer as well as the opportunity to take graduate-level courses modified for undergraduate credit. The combination of research project and coursework constitute a full semester of credit that is transferable to the student's home institution. SAW is particularly well suited for students who are considering an advanced degree in ocean science or engineering and related fields in the earth sciences.


Other Recommended Programs (that got me where I am today)

SEA Semester / Sea Education Association - Highschool, Gap Year and Undergraduate Programs

Sea Education Association (SEA) is an internationally recognized leader in undergraduate ocean education and is the leading off-campus Environmental Studies program focused on the ocean. While the academic focus varies, each program offers an interconnected suite of courses designed to explore a specific ocean-related theme using a cross-disciplinary approach. We look for motivated undergraduates of all majors who are passionate about learning, inspired to tackle and address real-world problems, and eager to become part of an unparalleled living and learning community. SEA is based on Cape Cod in the oceanographic research community of Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Juneau Icefield Research Program - Highschool, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

The Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) is an eight-week immersion in the wilderness of the Juneau Icefield, during which participants traverse from Juneau, Alaska to Atlin, British Columbia. JIRP's mission is to provide an unrivaled educational and expeditionary experience in the stunning Coast Mountains of Alaska and British Columbia. We give students a wide range of training in Earth sciences, wilderness survival, and mountaineering skills, and provide unique opportunities for team building and personal growth.

Shoals Marine Laboratory - Highschool and Undergraduate Programs

Shoals Marine Lab (SML) is a seasonal field station operated jointly by Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire on an island campus in the the Gulf of Maine.  SML is the largest marine lab in the U.S. dedicated to undergraduate education and research. SML offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to study marine science in the field with exceptional faculty from institutions throughout North America. Instruction at SML is based on giving participants a truly "hands-on" educational experience providing rigorous training in many marine subjects, preparing students for careers in the fields of marine biology, and environmental science and sustainability