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Unlearning Racism in Geoscience (URGE) is a program that I founded to use the existing social science literature to design and implement policies that will lead to more justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in geoscience. URGE aims to help the community (1) assess where geoscience is in the fight for racial justice, (2) deepen its knowledge of history and policies, (3) develop anti-racist structures and policies, (4) expand local conversations to a national stage with equal access to resources and expert opinion, and (5) develop intimate groups that will hold members accountable.Ā URGE is funded by the National Science Foundation.

The Geosciences have been the least diverse STEM field for at least 40 years ...

I am currently planning a conference for minoritized individuals in the Geosciences. There, the goal is to provide answers to three main questions:- What attracted us to the Geosciences? What our experiences have been like? What we would like our experiences to be like? Reach out if you're interested in contributing to this effort.

Six Geophysicists Walk Into a Bar ...

Fellow graduate students who've made the journey more enjoyable each day šŸ™‚

IntroducingĀ ... The After Seminar

Community is important and that's why I created theĀ  'After Seminar', which is a graduate student-led seminar where students practice giving talks, learn from each other through short courses, and socialize!