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What we do

We study harmful algal blooms (HABs) and their response to environmental change. This involves developing new methods to quantify how cells behave in natural settings. We're particularly interested in cell-cell interactions and understanding how cells transition between different life history stages. We tackle these problems by coupling intensive in situ monitoring and lab-based 'omic and molecular approaches.

We are also developing tools, approaches, and data sharing systems for networks of robotic phytoplankton sensors that stream HAB data to fellow scientists, resource managers, farmers, and the public.

We aim to share our research products as freely as we can. The systems we develop are open-source and open-design.

We welcome collaboration and are especially interested in working across traditional science and engineering disciplines. We value diversity and believe in equity and inclusion. If you're excited about phytoplankton ecology and HABs, this could be a really great place for you.