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The biogeochemistry of the ocean varies across a range of time and space scales, with anthropogenic forcing contributing an added layer of complexity. In a growing effort to distinguish between natural and human-induced earth system variability, sustained ocean time-series measurements have taken on a renewed importance. Shipboard biogeochemical time-series programs provide the oceanographic community with the multi-year, high-quality data needed for characterizing ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystem variability. They represent one of the most valuable tools scientists have to characterize and quantify ocean carbon fluxes and their associated links to a changing climate.

There is extraordinary, unexploited strength in numbers with respect to ocean time-series. Large spatial-scale analyses using many different time-series will allow us to detect and interpret links between climate variability and ocean biogeochemistry, ultimately improving our understanding of marine ecosystem change. However, in order to bring together datasets from different time-series, it is important that the sampling and analytical protocols used at each site are transparent, consistent, and inter-comparable.

On this website, you will find information about ship-based biogeochemical ocean time-series around the world, what variables they measure, and what methods they use. This is part of a continually growing international network of shipboard biogeochemical time-series that was initiated at a workshop in November 2012 focused on methodological approaches (workshop report) for time-series sample collection and measurement. Additional resources related to biogeochemical time-series can also be found throughout this website.


Time-Series Email List

The international network of shipboard biogeochemical time-series also offers an email list. It represents an opportunity for time-series PIs and staff to communicate and coordinate with one another. The list is used to provide information about:

  • previous and upcoming time-series-relevant meetings and workshops
  • employment, funding, and cruise opportunities
  • scientific publications and outcomes from time-series sites
  • time-series experiments and intercomparison activities
  • potential "calibrations of opportunity"

If you are interested in subscribing to our growing email list, please click here.

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