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Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster, MA

Our work is featured in an exhibit at CCMNH for the year 2015-2016. Come see how we core samples from ponds, analyze the layers of mud and sand to identify hurricane events from thousands of years ago, and how our research is relevant to you!

Climate Change Adaption Solutions

As part of a team of WHOI recipients of a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation grant, our primary goal is to increase public awareness and decision maker sensitivity to the risks posed by sea-level rise and adverse storm impacts. Our intent is to integrate paleo and historical storm reconstructions with sea level rise projections to enhance understanding and informed decision making.

Cape Abilities

Cape Abilities has teamed up with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to create jobs for people with disabilities and address some of today’s most pressing scientific issues. As part of a National Science Foundation grant and the Tower Foundation grant, a group of Cape Abilities participants work in our lab preparing sediment samples for the gamma detector to delineate the age of mud collected from coastal ponds and marshes. This research is a very important piece of the rising sea level and hurricane stories.

Museum of Science

Reaching out to people at the Boston Science Museum during Extreme Weather Week gave us the opportunity to highlight how hurricanes from the past have hit the East Coast repeatedly. By sharing our data derived from long sediment cores in coastal ponds, we offer a piece of the climate story that will help policy makers and individuals make well informed decisions related to protecting coastal resources and infrastructure in hurricane and flood prone areas.



Students from local schools find life in our lab fun and inviting. We’ve had pre-school, High School, and Sea Education Association- High School and College level students visit as well. The opportunity to see cores being split in half is always fascinating (and smelly!) And students learn higher level analyses through explanations of geologic and geochemical equipment.

Educational tools such as lesson plans and community activities will be available soon!