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Dr. Weifu Guo

Associate Scientist / Principal Investigator

Research Interests: Clumped isotope geochemistry; Sulfur isotope geochemistry; Ab initio quantum mechanical calculations; Development of paleoclimate and paleo-oceanographic proxies; Abiogenic hydrocarbon production; Enzymatic isotope effects.



Nathan Mollica

MIT/WHOI Joint Program Student (6/2015 - current) (advised jointly with Dr. Anne Cohen)

Research Interests: Mechanisms of coral calcification and its responses to environmental changes.

Anna Cullen

Anna Cullen

Guest Student (7/2017 - current, Northeastern Univ)

Research Interests: Laboratory experiments; development of the carbonate clumped isotope thermometer.


Chen Zhou

Chen Zhou

Guest Student (8/2017- current,  University of Science and Technology of China)

Research Interests: Numerical modeling; development of the carbonate clumped isotope thermometer.