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1st Annual Marine Robotics Entrepreneurship Forum

July 23-24, 2015
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

This meeting is focused on engaging young marine robotics companies with the larger community of marine research institutions, established companies, and potential investors.The agenda mixes opportunities for networking and show-and-tell with focused panel discussions on topics relevant to marine robotics start-ups.

The meeting theme is: accelerating adoption. What can we do to intensify the rate of innovation, field more capable robots, and grow markets faster? We will tackle the challenge from multiple directions, including exploring:

  • Existing and emerging markets
  • The needs of marine robotics users
  • Challenges and opportunities for robot developers
  • Differences between entrepreneurship in marine robotics and other hi-tech fields
  • Lessons from other unmanned vehicle domains
  • Structure of the existing and future market

The Consortium for Marine Robotics was created to foster a thriving marine robotics community, and to apply new robotic technologies to great science challenges.In keeping with WHOI’s seagoing tradition, we seek to transform laboratory innovations into operational systems and transformational capabilities.