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2nd Annual Ocean Worlds Meeting

August 25-26, 2016
Woods Hole, Massachusetts

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Purpose and Scope

To foster cooperation between the oceanographic and planetary science communities for the exploration of ocean worlds and to test ideas and models for the emergence of life.

Ocean worlds hold the greatest potential in humanity's search for extant life as well as a second, independent origin of life in the solar system beyond Earth. Comparative oceanography of conditions on Earth, Europa, Enceladus, Titan, and elsewhere will likely also spark new discoveries and insights that inform our search for Earth-like worlds among the rapidly growing list of exoplanets.

Read the report from the first Ocean Worlds Meeting held on October 23, 2015, in Washington, D.C.

Location and Date

The 2nd Annual Ocean Worlds meeting will be held August 25-26, 2016, at the National Academy of Sciences in Woods Hole, Mass.


This two-day meeting will be targeted at fostering new opportunities for collaboration across the ocean and space sciences, with a specific focus on bridging the scientific and technological exploration of Earth’s ocean to oceans beyond Earth. To that end, priority will be placed on providing maximum opportunities for discussions and contributions from all participants. To stimulate those discussions, and ensure that all participants have a shared working vocabulary s, the program will begin with a series of short scene-setting presentations (see below) before moving on to wider-ranging considerations.

Latest version of Agenda is available here.

Other Meeting Highlights
Day 1 will conclude with a reception* and conference dinner.
Day 2 will conclude with a choice of Ocean World tour options.
*Ocean World Karaoke: 1 slide, 90 seconds: Who are you? What do you do that’s interesting and relevant to Ocean Worlds?

Registration will open in mid-May and will cost $250 (including breakfast and lunch on both days and dinner on August 25). Due to space limitations, the organizing committee may have to establish a registration waiting list. A block of local hotel rooms has been reserved and lodging information will be provided at the time of registration.