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WHOI Mooring Operations and Engineering

Read about our work to support the Ocean Observatories Initiative Pioneer Array aboard the new research vessel Neil Armstrong.

We Go to the Ends of the Earth

The MOE Group works year-round, deploying moorings from the Arctic to the Southern Ocean.

Passive Acoustic Mammal Detection

A mooring platform using a hydrophone to monitor mammals location to ensure their safety from vessels

Acoustic Telescope

A prototype mooring for listening into acoustics in a 3D platform

The MOE (Mooring Operations and Engineering) Group at the Woods hole Oceanographic institution is a specialized team of personnel that custom designs and builds, as well as deploys and recovers, advanced research mooring systems. The group works year-round from the Southern Ocean to the Arctic sea ice.


MOE engineers support research in some of the most remote and extreme parts of the ocean.



MOE projects are seasonal, year round, and even multi-year all over the world.

Facilities & Services

We custom design, fabricate, and implement buoy and mooring systems to fit every need.

Buoys Help Avert Whale-Ship Collisions

Hydrophones on mooring lines could detect whale sounds. The problem was that in often violent seas, surface buoys moved up and down, pulling the lines so that the sound of water whooshing past the hydrophones overwhelmed all other sounds. To solve the problem, WHOI...