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The Atlantic: A Shared Resource (Galway, Ireland)

Workshop Information

In February 2013 the European Union (EU)-U.S. Joint Consultative Group held a meeting on Science and Technology Cooperation, which focused on developing the knowledge and technologies that can foster economic growth, create jobs and help solve shared challenges, such as in health, climate change and food security. To facilitate this process the Group explored how to advance cooperation in trans-Atlantic marine, maritime and Arctic research, transport research, health research and materials science. This meeting was followed by the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation, which is an agreement, signed in May 2013, between the U.S., European Union, and Canada to join forces on Atlantic research. The goals of this cooperative agreement are to better understand the Atlantic Ocean, promote the sustainable management of its resources, and study the interplay of the Atlantic Ocean with the Arctic Ocean, particularly with regards to climate change.  This agreement recognizes that Atlantic research will be more effective if coordinated on a trans-Atlantic basis.

Workshop report
Galway Statement