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Pioneer 17:
Bi-Annual Recovery
and Deploy Mission

 The ocean is a harsh environment for ocean observing equipment.

Equipment becomes fouled as marine life makes it home. Batteries run out. Wind and waves take their toll. That’s why every six months, teams head to OOI arrays to recover and redeploy ocean observing equipment to keep them collecting and sharing data. Here, we will be sharing news about what’s happening aboard the R/V Neil Armstrong as a team of scientists and engineers recovers and deploys equipment at the Pioneer Array for the 17th time (November 9 - 22, 2022). Check back regularly for updates.


The Coastal Pioneer Array is located off the coast of New England, about 75 nautical miles south of Martha’s Vineyard.


The R/V Neil Armstrong is a state-of-the-art oceangoing research vessel.


Regular posts about life aboard the ship, work accomplished, and encounters with marine life.


Images and video of the expedition.


Meet the Pioneer 17 Team.

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