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Endurance 18:
Bi-Annual Recovery
and Deploy Mission

Winter Expedition to Coastal Endurance Array

Equipment becomes fouled as marine life makes it home. Batteries run out. Wind and waves take their toll. That’s why every six months, the Coastal Endurance Array team heads offshore of Oregon and Washington. The Endurance Team left the harbor in Newport, Oregon on March 7 for its bi-annual mission to ensure the ocean observing equipment keeps collecting and sharing data. We will be sharing news about what’s happening aboard the R/V Sikuliaq as Oregon State University scientists and engineers recovers and deploys equipment at the Coastal Endurance Array for the 18th time. Check back regularly for updates.


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An Undergraduate’s Experience

Athena Abramhamsen is an undergraduate student at Oregon State University, who also works part-time with the OOI’s Endurance Team, helping to refurbish and rebuild moorings. …

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And it’s a Wrap

And it’s a wrap! Last day at sea until the fall. Time to head back to the Ocean Observatories Center (OOC) at Oregon State University…

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The Endurance 18 Team conquered stormy conditions, recalcitrant anchors, and March winds and successfully recovered and deployed all moorings so that the Array will be…

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Smiling Success!

The smiles of Linus Stolz, (left), Alex Wicks, and Raelynn Heinitz and others show the relief and success of completing all of the mission objectives…

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Anchor Recovery via ROV

Here are the moments the Endurance Array’s team Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) first spotted a giant pacific octopus, and when the ROV latched onto an…

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Eric Tappa Talks Sediment Traps

Researcher Eric Tappa from the University of South Carolina explains how sediment traps work.  Eric is aboard the R/V Sikuliaq as it winds up the…

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Marnie Jo Zirbel Talks CTDs

Marine Technician Marnie Jo Zirbel explains the ins and outs of CTD sampling and why this type of sampling helps validate instruments in the water….

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Stuart Pearce Talks Gliders

Glider Lead Stuart Pearce talks about gliders and how they deliver data for the Coastal Endurance Array.

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After six months in the northeast Pacific, the mooring components become habitat for marine life. In science terms, the moorings become “biofouled” and will need…

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Onto Recovery

Today, Day 3 of Leg 2 of Endurance 18, was a mooring recovery day aboard the R/V Sikuliaq. After spending six months in the ocean,…

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Three Deployments

The Endurance 18 team deployed three moorings today– two inshore, one offshore– off the coast of Oregon.  The weather cooperated. It was a beautiful sunny…

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Deck Lead Alex Wick Reports

Deck Lead Alex Wick talks about what was accomplished during day 1 of Endurance 18 and gives a shout out to scientists who use OOI…

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First Time at Sea

Olana Costa is a UNOLS (University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System) cruise volunteer.  In this short video she describes her experience during her first day at sea…

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And So It Begins Again

  First morning of Endurance 18 Leg 2. The team deployed the Oregon Shelf Surface Mooring (CEO2SHSM) off the Oregon coast. More data for better…

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Mobilization for Leg 2

The R/V Sikuliaq and Endurance 18 team are docked in Newport, Oregon today. The second leg of the OOI Endurance 18 will begin tomorrow off…

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