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Irminger 10:
Tackling the Tough Northern Atlantic

Month-long Expedition to Refresh Irminger Sea Array

On August 27 2023, a team of 13 scientists and engineers will board the R/V Neil Armstrong in Reykjavik Iceland to head to the Irminger Sea Array. Most of the array’s infrastructure and instrumentation was shipped from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in mid-July to Iceland, where it arrived in mid-August. Part of the scientific party traveled to Reykjavik in mid-August to reassemble the moorings and conduct a “burn-in,” a test period for the power, data, telemetry, and instrument systems to ensure everything was operational prior to loading the vessel. By the end of August, the team was ready to transit about 550 nautical miles to the array. Check back regularly for updates. Video courtesy of James Kuo ©WHOI.


The Global Irminger Sea Array is located in the North Atlantic in a region with high wind and large surface waves.


The R/V Neil Armstrong is a state-of-the-art oceangoing research vessel.


Regular posts about life aboard the ship, work accomplished, and encounters with marine life.


Images and video of the expedition.


Meet the Irminger Sea 10 Team.

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