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20th Recovery and Deployment

of Coastal Endurance Array

Spring Expedition to Coastal Endurance Array

 This is the 20th bi-annual recovery and deployment expedition of the Coastal Endurance Array (EA), located off the coasts of Oregon and Washington. Every six months, the EA team  recovers and replaces ocean observing equipment to ensure the continual collection and distribution of ocean data. On March 28, 2024, a team Oregon State Univeristy scientists and engineers will board the R/V Sikuliaq in Newport, Oregon to begin a 17-day expedition, which will be conducted in two legs. We will be sharing news about what’s happening aboard the Sikuliaq, so check back here regularly for updates.


The Coastal Endurance Array is located in the northeast Pacific off the coasts of Oregon and Washington and consists of two cross-shelf moored array lines.


The 261-foot R/V Sikuliaq is one of the most advanced university research vessels in the world, capable of breaking ice up to 2.5 feet thick.



Regular posts about life aboard the ship, work accomplished, and encounters with marine life.


Images and video of the expedition.


Meet the Endurance 20 Team.