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Why It Matters

By Darlene Trew Crist As we steam towards the Oregon coast, I thought it might be helpful to share my perspective of all of the…

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It’s a Wrap

This morning the Endurance Team recovered the anchor for the Washington Offshore Profiler Mooring from 533 meters below the surface. It was the last piece…

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More Unexpected Visitors

This morning as work on the back deck was winding up with the last anchor secured, the Endurance 17 team was greeted by a huge…

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A Three Operation Day

Half of the Endurance 17 team was on deck at 6 am to begin operations early for there was a lot to accomplish.  Before breakfast,…

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Life at Sea

The best way to describe life at sea is it functions as a routine.  Wake up. Eat breakfast.  Deploy or recover ocean observing equipment. Break…

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Snazzy Snap Hooks

One of the challenges of recovering ocean observing equipment is to snag large, heavy equipment in moving water and guide it to the rear of…

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An Insider’s View

Trenity Ford, a PhD candidate at Oklahoma State, is onboard the Thompson to collect and redeploy a foraminifera substrate experiment. Foraminifera are single-celled protists that…

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Challenging Recovery

Sometimes the ocean takes over and recoveries of ocean observing equipment don’t go quite as planned. That’s what happened today when the Endurance 17 Team…

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Recycling Beer Bottles

As it turns out, breweries and scientists have something in common.  They both like to recycle beer bottles. As part of daily operations, the Endurance…

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Emptying the Deck

Today, Friday September 23, was another day of deployment on the Endurance’s Washington Line.  The Endurance Team reported on deck at 645 to begin preparing…

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Some of my colleagues and I had a very special treat last night. We witnessed an amazing swath of bioluminescence off the stern of the…

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Two moorings, two gliders, topped with a CTD

As my mother-in-law would say, today on the R/V Thomas G. Thompson was chock-a-block full.  We arrived at the Washington Shelf Site around 11 am…

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Unlikely solution

The Coastal Endurance Team applied Desitin ointment, typically used to avoid diaper rashes and other skin ailments, to Glider 917.  The ointment is a zinc…

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And, We’re Off!

The R/V Thomas G. Thompson left the Newport pier at noon Pacific time today for the 17th recovery and deployment mission of the Coastal Endurance…

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Live from the Thompson

Chief Scientist Jonathan Fram appeared live from onboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson to explain OOI and the Endurance 17 operations.  To watch, click here.

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Twelve Endurance 17 team members, led by Chief Scientist Jonathan Fram, met in the early morning darkness at Oregon State University’s Ocean Observing Center in…

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Live ship-shore video: Sept 21

Mark your calendar to tune in to a rare opportunity to see live OOI action from the R/V Thomas G. Thompson: Wednesday September 21 at noon eastern.  Exploring…

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