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Sample Request

All repository samples must be requested via this request form.

Space Use Request

Reserve a time to sample in the lab or utilize the rock saw.

Email Us

Best way to contact our lab is via email.  We are happy to answer any questions you have.

Photo by Sarah Betcher, Farthest North Films


Our mission is to facilitate research and education through curating and providing access to our diverse collection of samples from the world’s seafloor. This includes, but is not limited to rocks, lake and marine sediment, corals, shells, peat, and wood. We support the advancement of scientific knowledge by providing technical and analytical expertise, in addition to instrumentation and field equipment.


The purpose of the repository is to curate our collections and associated datasets in order to facilitate modern science and research. To do this we work to:

  • expand and curate the collections using best practices for future research and education
  • distribute geological subsamples from our collections for future research and education
  • promote access to our diverse collections via our outreach program and web and data services
  • serve as a community resource for field programs
  • collaborate with and train scientists and students