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Hull & Harbor REMUS AUV

Another project I am team leader for is our Hull and Harbor Inspection vehicle.   Integrating new model sensors like scanning altimeters, cameras, tunnel thrusters, etc.  require drawing modifications that I occasionally make in high pressured situations and, therefore, also require me to make creative hardware changes.  I most recently had to rebuild this entire vehicle over a one week operation at AUVFEST.  I had to troubleshoot multiple leaks, multiple dead sensors (ADCP, Inertial Navigation System), failed thrusters, shorted circuit boards, communication issues, just to name a few.  As you can imagine, it takes expert knowledge and strong determination to successfully accomplish these types of detail-oriented vehicle repairs.   The HH vehicle is planned for future operations and I am working towards making several vehicle enhancements including the addition of a dual frequency sidescan sonar, upgrading endcap wiring, analyzing sensor performance and overseeing the fine-tuning of this vehicle. I expect the Hull and Harbor vehicle to continue its development as a hull inspection and underwater archaeology tool through the summer and beyond.


Mike Purcell, Roger Stokey