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Learn more about my latest projects by clicking on each below!

Project TurtleCam

A new groundbreaking way to study endangered sea turtles

Shark Tracking with AUVs

Tracking and filming of sharks and other marine animals with AUVs

LRAUV Under-Ice Mapping for Oil Spills

Development of a propeller driven long-range AUV for under-ice
mapping of oil spills and environmental hazards

Oil and Gas

3D mapping of oil droplets using an AUV

Arctic AUV Operations

AUV operations beneath Arctic ice and along glacier fronts in Greenland

AUV Offshore Kelp Farm Monitoring

Monitoring large-scale seaweed farms without human intervention

Wind Energy

Monitoring offshore wind operations via AUV


WHOI collaboration on innovative animal-borne tag technology

Seafloor Docking

Seafloor docking with a REMUS-100 AUV;
Long term engineering trials with second generation dock

Hull & Harbor REMUS AUV

Using a REMUS AUV for harbor security, hull inspections
and underwater archaeology