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Long-Range Under-Ice AUV for Oil Spill Detection and Mapping

ADAC: Arctic Domain Awareness Center: Long Range AUV for Environmental Anomaly Detection

Collaboration with MBARI, ADAC, DHS

  • Baseline: Currently, there is no USCG baseline for an AUV to meet the unique demands of Arctic operations that requires a minimal logistical footprint, a small operational team and oil detection and mapping capability.
  • Project Description: To develop an Arctic-capable long-range Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) that is helicopter portable, carries an environmental mapping payload, allowing rapid response while providing situational awareness and damage mitigation for first responders/USCG.

Three Dimensional Mapping of Dissolved Hydrocarbons and Oil Droplets Using a Remote Environmental Monitoring Unit Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

The ability to rapidly characterize spilled oil in the ocean during spills is a main goal of any Federal On-Scene Coordinator. Many advances have been made with respect to refining technology for oil detection. I am currently working on a project where a REMUS-600 AUV, equipped with a sensor suite for oil quantification, is deployed to characterize oil leaking at different sites. REMUS systems provide rapid assessments of oil quantity and state at fine spatial and temporal resolutions during spill response operations, offering advantages to traditional approaches. Other sampling techniques are also used in order to perform subsurface 3-d characterization of oil droplets. The goals of this project are to (1) integrate a suite of sensors on a REMUS AUV to quantify, characterize and determine droplet size of spilled oil, (2) demonstrate the utility of this technology for oil detection in the field, and (3) deliver REMUS sensor data into existing spill response data management and visualization tools. These goals serve to aid emergency response and remediation efforts.

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