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Dr. Britt Raubenheimer

Senior Scientist
Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering Department

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Contact Information:
Work: 508-289-3614
Bigelow 206

Mailing Address:
266 Woods Hole Road, MS #11
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Research Interests

Surf and swashzone processes; wave runup; alongshore currents; interaction of swashzone waves with beach water table; sediment transport; morphological evolution.

Undergraduate Fellows

    • Rachel Horwitz, 2003, “Swash velocities at the Nearshore Canyon Experiment” (Dalhousie postdoc)
    • Catie Lichten, 2004, “Wave-driven setup” (McGill PhD graduate)
    • Kristie Loncich, 2004, “Observations of nearshore sediment transport” (BU PhD, high school teacher)
    • Leslie Goemaat, 2005, “Optimization of the Triton boundary function” (lawyer)
    • Levi Gorrell, 2005, “SWAN modeling of nearshore waves” (WHOI Res. Assoc. III)
    • Megan Crocker, 2007, “Sediment transport at Washburn Island” (petroleum geologist)
    • Andy Pickering, 2007, “Models for wave dissipation over mud” (OSU postdoc)
    • Melissa Moulton, 2008, “Cross-shore subtidal circulation over a muddy seafloor” (WHOI PhD student, WHOI conference travel awardee, UW-APL scientist)
    • Erika Ladouceur, 2008, “Nearshore circulation over a muddy seafloor” (ocean instrument consultant)
    • Dana Giffen, 2009, “Winds on the Skagit tidal flats” (environmental consulting)
    • Sean Kilgallin, 2009,  “Velocity structure on the north Skagit flats” (coastal consultant)
    • Seth Zippel, 2009, “Friction coefficients on the Skagit tidal flats” (UW PhD, WHOI postdoc)
    • Regina Yopak, 2009, “Waves on the Skagit tidal flats” (URI PhD student)
    • Kyle List, 2010, “Lidar observations of runup” (coastal consulting, WHOI conference travel awardee)
    • C. Garrity, 2013, “Lateral circulation in Katama Bay"(U. Maine)
    • M. Smith, 2013, “Sediment transport in Katama Bay and inlet” (UW PhD student, WHOI conference travel awardee)
    • M. Munro, 2014, "SPH modeling and verification of the Vertical Structure and Turbulence in the Swash” (MIT, Mech Eng)
  • Ph.D. Students

    • Alex Apotsos (2002-2007) “Shoreline setup observations and predictions” (recipient AGU Congressional Fellowship 2007, USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellowship 2008, Fulbright Fellowship/AAAS Policy Fellowship 2011, now Williams College professor)
    • Vera Pavel (2007-2012) “Stratification on the Skagit Bay tidal flats” (now senior software developer)
    • Anna Wargula (2011-2017) "Wave-, wind-, and tide-driven circulation at a well-mixed ocean inlet” (FHL student award 2012, PASI student award 2013, NDSEG Fellow 2013-2016, now USNA assistant professor)
    • Rachel Housego (2015-present) (NSF GRFP 2017-2019)

    Postdoctoral Researchers

    • Tim Maddux (2002-2004) (OSU Hinsdale Laboratory)
    • Jeff Hansen (2011-2013) (UWA assistant professor)
    • Erika Johnson (2014-2016) (NRL)


    B.A. Middlebury College, Physics, 1987

    Ph.D. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1996, Oceanography


    • ONR NDSEG Fellowship 1990-1993
    • ONR AASERT Fellowship 1993-1996
    • Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship 1996-1999
    • ONR Young Investigator Award 2000-2003
    • NSF Career Award 2003-2007
    • WHOI Doherty Chair in Education 2013
    • WHOI Arons Award for Excellence in Teaching, Advising, and Mentoring 2014
    • Co-author, CHL Outstanding Journal Submission 2016
    • ASBPA Bob Dean Coastal Academic Award 2017